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the terra nova series

Carbon removal with regenerative forestry

Recapture has pioneered a profitable carbon removal system that utilizes hybridized and sterile, fast-growing hardwoods to capture 3x CO2 per hectare than traditional reforestation. Projects store atmospheric carbon in soil, root biomass, and eco-timber destined as building materials.

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Scalable resource model

Rehabilitating degraded farmland

The Terra Nova Series focuses on converting previously deforested lands used for industrial agricultural production into carbon sinks before ultimately putting them into long-term conservation. During the project lifecycle we restructure soils with natural humus and restore mycorrhizal networks, ensuring the necessary conditions for intercropping with native plants and re-wilding upon the final harvest.

Storing carbon in multiple forms

Recapture regenerating afforestation model sequesters carbon in three forms. Stacking carbon into one system,
we are able to capture more than 30 tons of CO₂ per hectare planted per year.

Soil Organic Carbon (SOC)
We use a local terra preta method to convert tree waste from pruning into biochar, thereby increasing soil carbon.
Root System Biomass
Approx. one-third of a trees biomass is stored in the root system underground, and left undisturbed.
Regenerating Eco-Timber
Harvesting trees up to 7 times from the same stump without soil disturbance; pre-sold into wooden building markets.
short-cycle coppice regeneration

Eco-timber alongside carbon removal

Traditional forestry methods, which disturb soil carbon, rarely report the net emissions from their projects. Recapture's approach utilizes non-invasive and non-GMO, fast-growing CAM+ photosynthesizing eudicot hybrids that grow to maturity in only five years and regenerate from the stump after harvesting. Leaving 70%+ of the carbon locked up in building materials and the rest in below-ground biomass undisturbed for generations.

The new standard in natural carbon capture

Scaling to meet Paris climate targets

More efficient with land
Nature-based projects compete with land that is otherwise needed for growing food.
Creates the financial incentives to remove
By providing investors with non-concessionary returns, we open the floodgates to climate finance.
Sustainable project development
A portion of project revenues are reinvested into climate adaptation co-benefits local to all projects.

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