Permanent, Profitable Carbon Removal

Remove carbon from the atmosphere AND earn a positive return.

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Profitable Net Zero

Shift the ROI of your net zero strategy from negative to positive.

Climate Finance

Carbon Removal Portfolio

Grow the critical global supply of credits while earning a return.

We must remove 100 billion tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere by mid-century to avoid the worst effects of global warming.
IPCC Special Report on Global Warming
The Challenge
Current carbon removal solutions are limited

Removing 100 billion tons by 2050 would require:

  • Reforestation
    1.7x land left on earth
  • Direct Air Capture:
    $15 trillion at $150 per ton
  • Land Protection:
    Doesn't remove carbon
A fresh model
The first systems-designed approach to carbon removal
  • Shovel-ready solution
  • Economically viable
  • Scalable to Paris targets
Climate change is not a scientific problem. It is a systems problem caused by behavior.
One that no single solution can or will solve on its own.
Recapture Dedicated CRS
Blended Carbon Removal System
Multiple negative emissions technologies combined into one system to provide efficient carbon capture at an industrial scale.
Degraded areas of land are reforested with a fast-growing hardwood
Carbon stored in root systems
Forestry waste stored as biochar
Sustainable Timber
Forests are regularly harvested and sold to low-emissions verticals like mass timber
Profits created for technological capture
Replaces high footprint raw materials
Technological Capture
Timber revenues are used to power air capture facilities that remove carbon faster than trees
Permanent capture and storage
DAC infrastructure scaled globally
more efficient
than reforestation
captured per hectare
per year
upfront removal
project investment
investment returned
in 5 years

How it works
Dedicated CRS Projects

Recapture implements and manages carbon projects on your behalf, that provide dependable carbon removal units and positive financial returns.

  • 1.

    Fund a dedicated carbon removal project

    Rightsized to remove your intended amount of CO₂ from the atmosphere

  • 2.

    Recapture manages the project life-cycle

    From implementation to carbon capture to retirement and conservation

  • 3.

    Receive consistent returns

    Carbon removal units annually, investment return in the fifth year

Recapture Flywheel

A better way to
reach net zero

Achieve net zero emissions with a model that all stakeholders can get behind.

  • Efficient

    10x more efficient than reforestation

  • Profitable

    Project investment returned in 5 years plus interest

  • Equitable

    One percent of project revenues reinvested in local sustainable development

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