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New Carbon Project Investment

Earn profits & generate credits

Secure Access

Fixed Offtake

Secure credits at a fixed price
Ahead of the curve

Why leading companies choose carbon project partnership

Cost savings and price stability

Significant cost hedging as carbon credits continue to rise in price due to increased demand.

Secure access to quality removals

Multi-year agreements unlock planning and reserve allocations for 10 to 20 years.

Self-directed ESG co-benefits

Direct net-positive impact towards SDGs that align with your brand and ethos.

Evergreen financial returns

Shift sustainability from an annual cost to a profit center and reinvest gains for more impact.

1. Define your company's removal target
Define the carbon gap for your organization from now until true zero
2. Select a Carbon Removal Agreement (CRA)
Your partnership agreement with us securing access to new carbon removal projects
3. Recapture manages carbon projects on your behalf
We take care of all the hard work to implement new projects, capture CO₂ and verify removal credits
Receive verified carbon removal credits every year
New removal credits are transferred to your organization on an annual basis
how our partnerships work

Turnkey access to verified removal

Recapture has developed two standardized, multi-year agreements based on our experience with complex projects across the full range of alternative power sources, including wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, fuel cell biomass and biofuel. Depending on your goals, these agreements can unlock high-impact and high-reward opportunities when it comes to meeting net zero emissions targets in the millions of tons annually.

CDR partnership frameworks for business

Build a long-term net zero strategy

Earned Carbon Removal Agreement (ECRA) ™️

Earn profits while generating credits

ECRAs are a carbon project investment agreement that allow your company to invest directly in new carbon projects which provide verified carbon credits and premium financial returns annually.

What it is: Direct investment & ownership in new carbon projects
Highlights: Profitable pathway to net zero
Risk Level: Medium to High
Annual Supply of Removal Credits: YES*
Annual Financial Returns: YES*
Contract Length: 30-40 years
Best For: Large footprint emitters in hard-to-abate industries like manufacturing, energy and transportation.
*Depends on project performance and other risk factors
Request earning potential for ECRAs ⟶

Fixed Carbon Removal Agreement (FCRA) ™️

Secure a fixed supply of credits at a set price

High impact when it comes to removing emissions on a 1:1 basis. FCRAs are a type of multi-year agreement that unlock planning, security and reserve carbon removal capacity at a fixed price.

What it is: Multi-year carbon removal offtake agreement
Highlights: Secure access to high-quality removals at a set price
Risk Level: Low
Annual Supply of Removal Credits: YES
Annual Financial Returns: NO
Contract Length: 10-20 years
Best For: Companies in low-emissions industries with an annual footprint less than 1M tCO₂ and a clear pathway to true zero.
*Depends on project performance and other risk factors
Request fixed pricing for FCRAs ⟶
Recapture CRS in Action

Terra Nova One

Finca Chivilme, Salta, Argentina
Capture Capacity: 12,000 tons CO₂e
Status: Active

Recapture's foundational project, located on a former corn and tobacco farm in Argentina’s Lerma Valley, was launched in March of 2022. It is expected to reach full removal capacity by January 2023 and will remove 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in total.

Start small or go big

Invest to remove this years’ emissions or lay out a profitable plan to go carbon negative.
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