Our Mission

Committed to helping global leaders decarbonize

We provide our partners with the critical pathway needed to fully mitigate their carbon footprint and do their part in halting extreme climate change.

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Our Vision

The world's leading companies and investors working together to remove 100B tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere by mid-century.

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Our Team

Recapture is managed by a diverse team with long-term experience in conservation finance, corporate ESG, regenerative agriculture, and project development.

Team member 01

Phil Weiner

Founding Partner

Tulsa, OK

Team member 02

Trey Pringle

Founding Partner

Santiago de Chile

Team member 03

Isaac Ruiz

VP Operations

Sonoma, CA

Team member 05

Bruno Pekarek

Head of Forestry

Salta, AR

Team member 06

Dario Pekarek

Senior Forest Manager

Salta, AR

Team member 04

Eric Kenny

Emissions Analyst

Buenos Aires, AR

Team member 05

Adele Barbato

Fellow, Climate Adaptation

Berkeley, CA

Team member 06

Jack Fischl

Fellow, Climate Strategy

Washington, DC

Team member 04

Martin Pekarek

Biodiversity Steward

Salta, AR

Want to work with us?

We are hiring for a number of positions in North and South America.