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Reimagining a world where removing emissions is profitable

2024 Earthshot Prize Nominee

Nominated by the PDI Group as 1 of 20 out of 1,400 solutions selected.

A Fast Co World Changing Idea

Recognized as a world changing idea for the LATAM region by Fast Company in 2021.

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

Recapture Dedicated CRS is certified by experts in private equity, finance, ESG, and clean-tech.

$100M XPRIZE Expert Reviewers

Founding Partner Trey Pringle selected as one of 80 global nature-based removals experts.

our purpose

Today, generating profits is equal to generating emissions. We aim to change that.

The world will be a better place if corporations were incentivized to remove their emissions. While many of the largest emitters and governments have already set world-leading net zero targets to end their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we do not have yet the technologies fully brought to scale. Keeping in mind, these technologies already exist today. Why not? Because the financial incentives for permanently removing emissions are not aligned with corporate decision making. Therefore the trillions in climate capital sitting dormant is not being deployed to bring the cost of those solutions down the experience curve. So despite the success made by the renewables industry to bring energy costs below that of fossil fuels, carbon removal lags behind.

"In many carbon removal transactions, one party feels like they won, while the other feels like they are being taxed. This needs to change."

The wave of climate activism in response to these threats has been invaluable for bringing urgency, awareness, and a sense of grassroots accountability around the causes of climate change. But with less than ten years left before the worst of these effects begin, impactful solutions need to be bigger than grassroots behavioral change. Convincing people to stop traveling via airplanes or eating meat will not get us where we need to be within the short timeframe we have left. Nor will waiting for governments to unify and organize around regulation and infrastructure. The solutions need to be systemic in nature, pragmatic and rapidly deployed among the world's most influential corporations and institutions.

That is why we created Recapture, the first systems-designed approach to carbon dioxide removal that makes it profitable for companies to reach net-zero emissions. We are shovel-ready to harness the collective power of the Global Fortune 1000 to halt the progression of global warming in our lifetime.

Philip-Michael Weiner & Trey Pringle
Recapture Founding Partners

Who we are

World-Class project developers and pioneers

Recapture was founded in 2017. Born out of the need for net zero solutions that help companies mitigate against the risk of global warming, but without incurring those impossible costs. Companies who are ambitious on reaching science based targets while seeking a positive ROI are able to lean on the experience of our industry leading project operations team's history of launching first-of-its-kind ventures in AgTech, viticulture, MedTech, quantum, semiconductors, robotics and enterprise technology. In addition to managing over 45,000+ ha of conservation finance in the global south, Recapture's management team builds off experience in international development, separate account and fund administration with innovative organizations like USAID, Virgin Unite, Innovation Endeavors, Aeolus Capital Management, Carbon War Room, and Rocky Mountain Institute to name a few.

In exchange for significant upside potential, there are always financial risks involved in any built-world project. That is why it’s critical to have a good project developer who can properly plan and implement the project. An experienced project developer like Recapture, will be able to manage a complex choreography that includes acquiring and rehabbing degraded lands, carbon project registration, implementing renewable energy and resource-optimized groundwater infrastructure, carbon credit issuance, and driving operational efficiency from investment to harvest. And unlike, traditional carbon avoidance offset, reforestation, or carbon capture storage (CCS) projects where the co-benefits are set in stone, Recapture takes a bottom up approach to working with our customers on aligning co-benefits with the mission of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) teams we work with.

We’re ushering in an era of responsible capitalism. Therefore every aspect of our system has been designed around a multi-stakeholder model. By adding value to each of the stakeholders to whom we are responsible, we cannot only build an enduring profitable company, but also heal the social and environmental systems on which we depend.

Our mission

To become the world's largest stakeholder-driven carbon project developer

Transitioning our entire global economy away from carbon derived sources of energy is the greatest challenge, and opportunity, humanity may ever face. With Recapture, we are leaning into the opportunity of it. Our profit-driven model for companies to achieve true net zero emissions turns accountability into incentive, and urgency into action.

We envision Recapture on the frontier of a new paradigm of business leaders composed of evergreen companies imbued with the philosophy that profit is not the be-all and end-all of business, yet nor is it inherently evil. Business itself can be a force for good, using its profit to change behaviors and support the systems that they feed off of as well as benefit society and the world upon all of us rely. The need for Recapture is great, as is our dedication to shifting the pendulum on atmospheric carbon.

We are hopeful that, as we scale, Recapture will emerge as one of the pioneers of utility-scale carbon removal among a global coalition of the Fortune 1000 dedicated to removing 100 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere by mid-century.

We firmly believe that if profit got us into this mess, then profit can get us out.

Team members representing five  countries
Languages spoken by operations leadership
Years of regenerative agroforestry experience
Hectares of land managed in previous development
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Customer Success Manager Argentina
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