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Recapture and ANEC Announce Carbon Removal Partnership

An international opportunity to remove carbon, earn financial returns and tackle hard to abate emissions for the largest organisations in the United Kingdom.

Philip-Michael Weiner + Trey Pringle
Philip-Michael Weiner + Trey Pringle
Recapture Founding Partners
Recapture and ANEC Announce Carbon Removal Partnership

UK based Applied Negative Emissions Centre and US based Recapture have announced a new partnership today. Together, they will assist large corporations and organisations to mitigate hard to abate and Scope 3 emissions by providing profitable and scalable carbon removal options which ensure ethical and trustworthy progress towards achieving net-zero targets.

“Here at ANEC, we feel really proud to collaborate and push forward brilliant innovations such as the one presented by our newest partner: Recapture. Recapture is a carbon project developer with so much potential to make a difference in the world and help with saving humanity and ecosystems from dramatic consequences caused by climate change.

After the release of the IPCC's most recent report, it is even more evident the need for collaborative, ethical and scalable carbon removal solutions, such as Recapture's one. We need this innovation to be widely adopted, to get to where we need to be in terms of carbon removal and negative emissions. We are looking forward to showcasing future impactful projects developed through this partnership."

– Karen Rossell, Managing Director of the Applied Negative Emissions Centre

“To make real strides towards slowing global warming we have to acknowledge the hurdles in the system. Large emitters have two problems that prevent them from systematically achieving net zero: low supply of verified carbon removal units and prohibitively high costs for the most efficient technologies. At Recapture, we designed a carbon capture project model that, instead of a massive annual sunk cost, makes it profitable to remove carbon and reach net zero emissions.

The first step towards reaching net zero is forming a climate strategy that works for all stakeholders. ANEC is one of the leading firms in Europe guiding companies, institutions, and local governments through this process, which is why we chose to partner with them. Combining profitable carbon capture with ANEC’s strategic climate advisory process has the potential to drastically shorten the path to operational net zero for emitters in hard-to-abate industries and chart a clear path to tackling Scope 3 Emissions.”

–Trey Pringle, Founding Partner at Recapture

Key Elements of The Partnership

• Scalable climate target solutions using negative emissions technologies including regenerating agroforestry, sustainable timber, and direct air capture

• An opportunity to make carbon credits affordable and easy for large-scale projects

• Opportunities for return on investment, with guaranteed investment returns upon the first harvest starting in the fifth year after project investment

• Ensures the ethics of offsetting projects using an approach of providing clients verified carbon removal by considering the Sustainable Development Goals in reinvestment projects

• Support for local communities in South America through the profits created by projects

• Collaborations to improve carbon literacy within the corporate world and encouraging impactful climate action

We are hopeful as we launch Recapture as a leader and innovator among a global coalition of the Fortune 1000 dedicated to removing 100B tons of carbon from the atmosphere by mid-century. If profit got us into this mess, then profit can get us out!

The Applied Negative Emissions Centre (ANEC) is a connective and collaborative hub in the carbon removal space. By providing carbon removal consultancy and training to organisations with ambitious climate goals, ANEC helps organisations achieve their net-zero targets. We accelerate the deployment of negative emissions technologies by providing our technology partners with opportunities for implementation.

Recapture, a profit-driven carbon project developer, was born out of the need for net zero solutions that help large enterprises mitigate against the risk of global warming without incurring impossible costs. The company develops systems-designed carbon removal projects for emitters that remove 10 times more carbon dioxide (CO₂) than natural solutions on their own. By combining climate smart forestry, with sustainable timber harvesting as a financial mechanism for direct air capture, Recapture projects are able to permanently remove a company’s entire carbon footprint while earning the business a positive financial return.

Philip-Michael Weiner + Trey Pringle

Trey Pringle and Phil Weiner founded Recapture in 2017. They are longtime friends and colleagues who have decades of experience in conservation finance, project development and enterprise operations.

Trey Pringle is a design technologist, software developer, and serial company builder who founded his first company out of college and grew it into a profitable multi-million-dollar business with locations in the US and South America. He is an experienced CEO who has built and launched products in global markets as well as advised and invested in over 15 companies. He has lived in South America, where he co-founded the OSO Accelerator in Santiago, Chile to support entrepreneurs solving challenges for the LATAM market.

Phil has worked with companies of all sizes worldwide, including Virgin Unite, Carbon War Room, Rocky Mountain Institute, and Rockefeller Foundation, to grow their impact through behavior change and meaningful, enduring design. He has launched multiple award-winning consumer products for growing food and has been involved in developing 45,000 hectares of conservation finance projects throughout South America. He has also helped raise $260M+ for early-stage ventures he strongly believes in.

Recapture’s team has additional experience across international development, fund administration, and has collectively raised and managed over $1.75 billion in capital. Our team is also supported by a group of global partners including Verra, Ernst & Young, Solar Impulse Foundation, MWE, and K2 Intelligence to ensure effective quality risk management and measurable impact for customers.

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