for large enterprises

Recapture Dedicated CRS

The only shovel-ready carbon removal system that makes it profitable for companies to reach net zero.

More than just buying credits

Carbon removal projects dedicated to your company

Delivering a dependable supply of offsets and positive financial returns

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  • Ensure access to offsets

    Verified carbon removal units issued annually

  • Control costs

    $10 ton upfront investment, returns starting in 5 years

  • Scale with ease

    Invest in additional projects, remove more carbon

How it works

Go from zero to net zero in four steps

Confirm your company's unavoidable emissions

Recapture maps your emissions to a project size with a projected ROI.

Fund a project that will remove those emissions

Your investment is returned with interest in five years after the first eco-timber harvest.

Recapture implements and manages project life cycle

We take responsibility of the project from development to capture to conservation.

Project generates VCS verified credits annually

Your project will provide a dependable supply of credits and a carbonless designation.

Remove carbon & earn a positive return

Project Blueprint

A four-part invest, return, capture, conserve strategy.

Year 1

Investment & Development

Project preparation, planting, and early growth care.

Year 5

Initial Harvest & Return

First eco-timber harvests used to pay back original investment with interest.

Regenerative Capture

Our specialized hardwoods regrow from the same stump up to 7 times. Sales from cyclical timber harvests are used to operate direct air capture facilities (capturing carbon up to 100 times faster than trees).

Trees also store carbon naturally in root systems and biochar is created from timber waste delivering your company with both natural and technological carbon removal units.

Year 30

Retirement & Conservation


After the final harvest, project land is intercropped with a mix of native tree species and put into long-term conservation protection.

A Better Way to Reach Net Zero

Achieve net zero emissions with a model that all stakeholders can get behind.

Profit instead of paying to offset

Usher your company into becoming officially climate positive while giving you a full return on your investment, plus interest.

Flexible, efficient, and permanent

Scale carbon dioxide removal as you reduce emissions while keeping an eye on reaching zero.

Direct co-benefits where you want them

We invest 1% of dedicated project revenues into sustainable development projects.

Guarantee supply, reduce risk

25% of the Global Fortune 500 have made climate commitments. As demand for offsets increases, so does the price.

Highly visible and measurable

Maintain stakeholder confidence that your business will reach committed climate targets on time.

Be the first to net zero in your industry

The first systems designed approach to carbon removal that combines natural and technological processes.

Co-benefits for local communities
One percent of revenues from each project are re-invested into the local community in a form of your company's choosing
Healthcare Access
Quality Education
Digital Infrastructure
Clean Water
Start a Dedicated Project

Project Zones

Say goodbye to buying offsets and secure your company's path to net zero

Terra Nova I

In Development

30 thousand tCO₂ capacity

Location: Finca Chivilme, Chicoana, AR
Implementation Begins: 2022

Terra Nova II


600 thousand tCO₂ capacity

Location: Salta Province, AR
Implementation Begins: 2023

Terra Nova III


3 million tCO₂ capacity

Location: Northern Argentina
Implementation Begins: 2024

Start small
or go big.

Invest to remove this years’ emissions or lay out a profitable plan go carbon negative.