for Climate Finance

Invest in carbon removal as an asset class

An environmentally and socially responsible investment with predictable profit streams that builds the global supply of carbon removal units.

Demand for carbon removal is outpacing supply

While more than 1,500 companies have set or promised to set net-zero goals, the supply of carbon markets can only meet 2% of their total demand.

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25% of the
Global Fortune 500 has committed to net zero by 2030
3x increase
in net-zero pledges by companies since COVID-19 landfall
Tons of CO₂ equivalent (credits) needed per year by 2030
Short term gains,
long term impact
One percent of revenues from each project are reinvested into the local community based on the Sustainable Development Goal framework
Healthcare Access
Quality Education
Digital Infrastructure
Clean Water
There's a credit shortage coming
  • Invest in the Future Demand

  • Returns in 5 Years

  • Help End the Climate Crisis

Discover a new way to deploy your capital.

Recapture gives you access to the largest emerging
asset class in the world: carbon removal.